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DELIVER a happier, healthier 

and more productive place to be


Leadership Development Training, Confidence Building Exercises, Employee Engagement Consulting and much more

ENGAGING all your people in POSITIVE change with a focus on experiential learning. Offering a range of classes, workshops and programmes for managers, teams and individuals

employee wellbeing

Whatever your GOAL

With powerful innovative content, experiential award winning workshops and usable insights 

employee engagement

Everyone plays to their strengths. People fulfilled and fitting their roles. The buzz from engaged, committed, busy people

Enjoying a healthy culture, with good work-life balance, a high level of wellbeing, committing to flexibility, equality and diversity

Working as a smooth, efficient, collaborative and well trained workforce, following a clear vision, supporting a common set of values

Confident in your team's performance as they engage, collaborate and innovate to secure a positive future

for each other 

Confident everyone is an ambassador for your brand, putting the customer first, respecting H&S and the environment

Strong leadership

with a positive growth-orientated business with a common ethos, satisfying the Board, shareholders, analysts and media




Delivering communication, capability and confidence 

Where and when

it's most needed

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Business Athlete

The best from sport for business

Creative Innovation
Creative Innovation

Develop creative thinking teams

Lego Serious Play

 Building collaborative teams

Team Visionboard

Creating visions together


Customise your own programme from a selection of tried and tested modules or request bespoke modules to suit your needs. Through experiential sessions, workshops, training, and coaching we will work with you to achieve the goals you have set out.

Our skilled facilitators ensure our learning agenda covers your company brief and provides an environment for participants to interactively develop themselves and one another. Our leadership development training, confidence building exercises and employee engagement consulting are just a few of the services we offer to businesses and individuals across London, Berkshire and the UK. 

A valuable part of our programmes is 1:1 and group coaching to ensure the learning is embedded and applied to real-life situations that the participants are encountering now.
We also facilitate peer coaching groups to help participants learn to receive coaching and provide supportive coaching to others. 

Employee Engagement Consulting

Having worked with companies across London, Berkshire and the rest of the UK, we understand it can be challenging at times to keep your employees engaged whilst maintaining a positive working environment. It’s important for any business to keep productivity high whilst considering employee wellbeing and mental health. Our employee engagement consulting allows us to work closely with your business to take the necessary actions to keep your employees engaged.

Confidence Building Exercises

We offer confidence building exercises for managers, employees and individuals looking to build their confidence in and/or out of the workplace. During most people’s lives their confidence will drop occasionally, whether that’s professional or personal confidence. This is something that can be worked on and improved with the right guidance. 

Leadership Development Training

Our leadership development training is specifically designed to develop accountability, self management and collaborative networks for leaders and aspiring leaders across London, Berkshire and the rest of the UK. Leadership skills are an important part of transitioning to senior management roles so we work closely with managers and aspiring managers to develop vital leadership skills. 

Our Locations

Our experts are based all over the UK including the following regions: London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Surrey. Our local regions include the following towns Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Marlow, High Wycombe and Reading. Get in touch today 07785 566468 and lets have a chat about how we can help you.